Non Financial Disclosure

The complexity and the speed of changes affecting the way companies operate today require a long-term strategic approach with an increasing focus on sustainability issues.

There is a new awareness, which takes the form of continuous innovation benefiting the system in which we operate and our customers, to whom we are committed to offering comprehensive and effective solutions.

The balance between who we are and who we want to become will necessarily require the creation of shared values, and a transparent and responsible commitment, in which we are determined to invest as part of the strategic horizon of our new business objectives.

Download the 2019 Consolidated Non-Financial Disclosure .pdf


Main Stakeholders

BFF Banking Group believes into the importance of stakeholders’ expectations – as their role, interests, opinions or decisions, attitudes or behaviours may have a relevant impact on the achievement of a specific objective for the organization.

Having a dialogue with these parties allows us to understand their expectations, enabling the Group to respond to their needs and create shared value over time.

The Group has identified the main stakeholders with specific interviews and a benchmark analysis conducted on industry peers and competitors, based on the GRI Standards guidelines, the minimum information referred to in Decree 254/2016 and BFF Group’s public documentation.

Download the 2019 Consolidated Non-Financial Disclosure .pdf


Materiality Matrix

BFF Banking Group started a materiality analysis to identify the sustainability issues being the most relevant to its business.

Material issues are those that can reasonably be considered as important in reflecting the organization’s economic, environmental and social impacts, or that affect stakeholders’ decisions.

The matrix, consisting of two Cartesian axes where the x-axes represent the significance of the issue to the Group, and the ordinates represent the significance of the issues to stakeholders, defines relevance in terms of actual and potential impacts that each topic involves with respect to the Group’s ability to create value over the long term.

The grey box highlighted below shows the issues considered to be as the most relevant for materiality matrix purposes.

Download the 2019 Consolidated Non-Financial Disclosure .pdf